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Hi and welcome to Wanderlush Travel! My name is Lori, a spontaneous, fun-loving, positive vibe chasing, adventure seeker from Toronto, Canada who thrives on new experiences, places and really experiencing the beauty of this world. I’m not one to sit still for very long and I’m always on the go. I love spending time with family and friends, hanging out in parks, people watching, travelling, discovering new places, beaches, sipping coffee and wine, warm seasons and being near the ocean.

I think my desire to explore and live in different locations started fully when I moved away for school. From there I  spent a Summer working in the mountains of British Columbia then went a step further and relocated to London, UK for three months in 2011.  After moving to Toronto and spending a few years in pursuit of a career, I felt like I was missing something and yearned to experience something more.  That burning feeling inside led me to leave an unfulfilling job in 2017 and board a plane with a one way ticket to Australia. It was the scariest and BEST decision I’ve ever made and I had the time of my life! I was hooked.



After living and travelling for one year in Australia I wasn’t ready to stop the journey and spent another 7 months living in Auckland, New Zealand. After 18 months living abroad, I can fully say I’ve become a travel addict. It does amazing things for the soul. In August 2018 I returned back to Toronto to figure out what my next move would be. I realized the desire to live the expat life and keep on travelling was as strong as ever and there is no ignoring it.  I’ve made the decision to relocate once again to the UK!  I’m so excited to start my new life abroad and explore all Europe has to offer while sharing my experiences with you!

I created Wanderlush Travel as a space to share stories and tips on travel and life abroad. I hope to inspire you to make the move to that new country you’ve been dreaming of or board that plane to your next travel destination. Let’s break through the mysteries and uncertainties of travel and discover how those dreams are closer and more easily attainable than you may think.

Thanks for stopping by!

Safe travels,Lori