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One Month Being a Sober Vegan – Week 2

One Month Being a Sober Vegan – Week 2


This post is a little behind seeing as it is a week 2 post and we are now on the last week of Veganuary and Dry Jan but here is a quick rundown of things I have noticed and experienced on Week 2.


Week 2

This week started off strong with healthy delicious vegan meals and no alcohol.  I feel determined and positive in my mindset on this healthy month-long change.  The variety of meals and foods available for a vegan diet is actually pretty amazing and you don’t need to feel unsatisfied or left with minimal choices.

I feel that I have actually been enjoying cooking even more as there are so many yummy recipes to try and one of the best parts is, they are really healthy foods, you don’t need to feel guilty about!

A bonus as well is just feeling good in general that you are filling your body with clean and healthy foods that benefit the environment and aren’t harming any other creatures in the process.



The energy levels I have been experiencing are through the roof and still sleep really well.  Normally 6-7 hours of sleep is what I get, now I could easily sleep 8-9 hours and feel so well rested after!

I find I have more energy for workouts and especially in the afternoon when trying to focus on work.

The pregnant bloat baby is still very apparent. This is probably the only real downside I have seen so far.  Really looking forward to when this subsides!  Luckily winter lockdown doesn’t require you to be in a bikini and I happily welcome the comfort of my joggers. Anyone else gotten to a point where jeans just feel alien-like?  They are pretty much a foreign material to me now.

The only time I felt the urge to have a glass of wine this week was once again when Friday hit and that desire to unwind with a nice vino came creeping up.  I drank some tea instead.  I’m not normally much a tea drinker but this month I have bought quite a variety of flavors and have been sipping this regularly.  I am looking forward to my first glass of wine though once this is over!



So there is a quick recap of week 2.   Stay tuned for Week 3 and four to finish off the series.


Thanks for reading!


Lori Xx



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